A Galaxy Far, Far Away

A New Hope: Satoshi Nakamoto, center, surveys the financial services landscape in 2008. He sees central banks debasing the currency, banks lending money in waves of credit bubbles, and massive overhead costs that make micropayments impossible. He creates Bitcoin, a 3720-to-1 longshot to start a neutral, distributed monetary system with no single point of failure.

Macro Structure

The federal financial regulators and their responsibilities. Source.
Crypto is an improbable Rebellion against legacy financial services. The fatal weakness, the exhaust port in their Death Star? The truth that the legacy system has failed people: failed to provide equal access; failed to protect civil liberties; failed to innovate to meet the modern world; and more. Crypto is taking its shot.

Prudential Regulators

A breakdown of the institutions, assets, and deposits supervised by each prudential bank regulator. Source.
The Empire Strikes Back: Legacy financial services smuggle the US away, knowing full well that policymakers could accomplish their statutory and policy objectives by embracing crypto products and services that address longstanding issues still present in the failing, increasingly obsolete model of legacy financial services.

Regular-Person Protectors

Return of the Jedi: The crypto community cradles the US, which has come to realize that crypto-assets’ unique bearer-style ownership, their radical transparency, and their permissionless systems make them a generational tool for financial inclusion. Policymakers and cryptonatives are on the same team. Photo taken August 2026.

Treasury Bureaus






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Gyges Lydias

Gyges Lydias

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